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As the holidays approach and Black Friday being around the corner, we prepare ourselves mentally and physically. But, with all the specials going on in stores and trying to get inline to get that awesome offer on a HD TV, are we remembering the actual value of the holidays?


I sometimes believe that families seem to forget that the holidays are for families to come together and enjoy each other’s company. We get too interested in black Friday and waking up early to get the best deal. But that stuff is tangible. It’s materialistic stuff that we can throw away and won’t last forever. Are we remembering our family? Are we still anxious to sit down together as a family at the dinner table and say grace? Or are we too worried to eat dinner to go buy that XBOX? Think about it, how many of your friends or family members left early on Thanksgiving Day because they wanted to stand in line first.


Don’t forget what Thanksgiving is all about. To be thankful for what we have. To be thankful for loved ones that are in our lives and the ones who have gone to be with the Lord. We learn something from everyone. So be thankful for everyone who has been a part of your life.


Thank You!

Thank you Veterans!  We would not be here as a proud country without the love that these veterans have for America. Who knows where we would be as a country. Would we have this freedom that we have now? I surely don’t know, but I do know that I love this country and I am grateful for the sacrifices that these men and women had to make. I know that we don’t say this enough or even think about our veterans or current military men and women each day, but thank you. I wish I could do more to show my respect for each and every one of you, but I’m grateful for all of you!

May God bless y’all and y’all’s families and may God Bless America!  #RolandsPhotography #NashvilleTN #VeteransDay



Hottest night in Nashville!

Tonight is the hottest night in Nashville for country music! With so many people in downtown, you know you will be able to capture some amazing photographs of artists, musicians and composers walking all over town.


It amazes me how many people come to Nashville for music and have some type of camera to capture a picture with an artist because they are bound to bump in with someone. And because of this we all seem to have a camera on our phones or a professional camera with us. Fans across the country just want to capture that moment with that artist. Now my question for you is, what settings do you use when you come across someone that you are a fan of to make that picture amazing? How many times do you retake that picture to have that picture perfect moment? Do you pay attention to lighting or the angle of the shot?


Keep these things in mind if you see one of these talented artists and have the courage to ask that artists to take a pic with you. I’m sure they won’t decline. They are humans just like us. So have a good time tonight, and if you do capture a pic with an artist, make sure to share!

#RolandsPhotography #NashvilleTN

It’s almost here!!

It’s almost Halloween!  You’re children are probably very excited to be getting candy and dressing up as their super hero, but what are you doing in preparation for this event to keep your children safe? That’s a big thing parents think about when days like this come around. All I can say is have fun and enjoy your time with your family!


Oh, and don’t forget to take that family costume picture and post it on our Facebook page to be eligible to win a FREE family portrait! So read the rules and don’t forget to share! #RolandsPhotography #NashvilleTNFamily ContestBusiness Contest

Are you ready??

As halloween was approaching, my staff and I wanted to think of ways to get our clients and followers involved.  Y’all always see our creative side through our photographs, so we thought it would be y’alls turn to shine and see what you can come up with.  If you have not already looked at our Facebook page, you need too.  We have an amazing contest for this years Halloween that you do not want to miss!  FREE head shots to some lucky winners and a FREE family portrait to a lucky family!  So are you ready to shine and show us YOUR creative side?  Take a look at the rules and like always….SHARE SHARE SHARE!  The most likes you get, the better chance you have to win the contest!  #RolandsPhotography #HalloweenContest #NasvhilleTN

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